As the loud, bombastic revelry of an audience all too desperate to lose themselves within the theatre’s ample amusements and carnal delights rings out all around you, you find yourself lost in thought.  A warm spotlight falls upon your face and a previously unnoticed woman has turned to you and removed her heavy veil.  Stark features over-exaggerated by makeup applied to be seen from the back row somehow manage to make her eyes burrow into your soul even harder.  The crowd quiets. You can hear your own heavy breathing and suspect that everyone else can as well.  A lilting but commanding voice that is as much a warning as a possible siren’s call to a new way of being calls out,  “Why have you come here?”


The Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol was a Paris playhouse formed in the turn of the century that ran for nearly 70 years and featured nearly all of society’s taboos. These artisans proudly put a spotlight on the people and subject matter that the rest of polite society was too afraid to talk about let alone embrace. 

At Theatre Macabre hilarious, shocking and electrifying vignettes await at every turn but so do the purveyors of these dark arts and they may, or may not, have your best interest in mind. Ever increasingly, the line between what is real and what is simply unsettling entertainment will become more and more divided as the night wears on. The audience will find themselves dragged away from and into the show itself as the narrative transforms to make them the lead of their very own terrifying and intoxicating stories.

Theater Macabre invites you to drink, laugh and watch someone die…

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Be aware

The Macabre Theatre is designed to illicit responses from those who enter by choice or circumstance.  Be prepared to encounter tried and true comedic and dramatic tales of love and wonder as well as live intercourse and actual murder.

Stay alert

No matter what happens around you please remember that you are a guest of the theatre and are expected to do as instructed no matter how unusual, uncomfortable or potentially life altering.  Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction without refund.